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We will work closely together to develop a results-oriented plan for your social media. Our strategies are designed to provide you with clarity, focus, and inspiration.

Clarity + Focus + Inspiration = Peace of Mind
Knowing you are using your time wisely and working toward your business goals.



Posting just for the sake of being active on social media does not a successful business make. You will walk away with clearly defined goals (usually related to how you can gain more sales) and clear step-by-step tactics to reach them.



“Everyone” is not your customer, and being on every social media platform will burn you out. You will know exactly who you are talking to (and who you aren’t) and what social media platforms are worthy of your precious time.



“What should I post?” is a daily question most business owners ask themselves. Our strategy will provide the answers.

Our Process

We will kick off your strategy with a 1-hour call via Zoom video conference software. Within 3 weeks we will deliver you a comprehensive social media strategy document that covers the following areas:

Objectives & Goals

Together we will identify why you want to incorporate social media in to your marketing mix. Is it email list growth? Increasing sales or brand awareness? Something else? After identifying your objectives and potential audience, we will propose two or three realistic goals that will guide the content strategy.

Audience Discovery

We will identify the 2-3 customer personas that you wish to target via your social media efforts. This will help us decide which social media platforms to focus on and assist us in developing the content strategy.

Competitor Research

You will provide a list of competitors, and we will do an audit of their social media presence. We’ll look at their followers, activity, engagement and content strategy.

Platform Selection

When we know exactly who we are talking to and what it is we want to accomplish, we will suggest the platforms that you should be on and tell you what you should be doing.

Content Strategy

This is what to post, when to post, and how to increase your engagement. To keep your messaging visually consistent across platforms, we will advise you on how to create branded graphics, or we are available to create templates for you.

Strategy Optimization

We will tell you which metrics should be monitored to ensure you stay on track to reach the specified goals.

I was impressed you took the time to do the research.

I really like the social media strategy that you wrote for us.

– Emily G., Autumn Trails Veterinary Clinic

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