Simple strategies for creating a magnetic Instagram presence that attracts enthusiastic new fans each and every day that you can turn in to customers for life.

How many of these are you struggling with right now?

Quick quiz! Don’t worry, it’s not graded. Put a mental check mark next to any of these challenges that you are currently facing on Instagram:

You get new follower notifications all the time, but your overall “followers” number never actually seems to go up. Or it does, only to go back down again.

The number of likes and comments you get each day swings up and down wildly. And when you do get tons of comments, they are emoji-only or a lot of “nice pic. let’s connect!” garbage.

You aren’t sure what to share, what to show, or what to say. Maybe you aren’t a good photographer or you don’t think you’re a great story teller.

You hear about the “new” algorithm updates, the alleged “shadow ban,” and other rumors about how to get more people to see your posts, but you aren’t even sure who or what to believe.

You are not alone.

Imagine for a moment:


You have a true strategy for finding new, paying customers through Instagram.

Not just a list of hacks and tactics that will supposedly help you “game” the latest algorithm.

But a strategic plan that you can implement, then wash, rinse, repeat for continued Instagram success – REGARDLESS of what new Insta-drama pops up.

You’ve cracked the Instagram code to consistently grow your audience.

This growth ripples out to your other social media platforms, your email list grows, and visits to your website increase.

You are focused, organized and clear about what pictures to post, when, and how often so you have much more time to spend actually running your business. (Now that’s a novel idea!)

You are confident that your posts are being seen by your fans, that they read them and take action because you see consistent engagement in the form of likes and genuine comments.

You get invited in to new business ventures, collaborations and partnerships you never even knew existed for you.

Instagram is The Answer.

800 Million Global Users

That’s more than Twitter (330 million), Pinterest (200 million), and Snapchat (166 million.)

Be where your people are!

People Spend 21 Minutes on Instagram

That’s more than Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat.

85% of Top Brands Use It

What do they know that you don’t?

Instagram the “King of Social Engagement”

Businesses get 58 times higher engagement on their Instagram posts than they do on their Facebook updates, and 120 times higher post engagement than on Twitter. That is huge!

You can do all of this AND significantly cut down your learning curve, with Amp Up Your InstaGame.

What’s Inside the Program

Module 1: Set Up & Positioning

A strong presence on Instagram starts with a firm foundation! This module is all about how to set-up your account to attract the right customers and begin to cultivate an engaged and raving fan base.

  • Lesson 1: The Hidden Gems Inside Your Instagram App
  • Lesson 2: The Blueprint for Finding the Right Customers & Your Crystal Clear Purpose
  • Lesson 3: How To Craft a Bio That Inspires the Right Customers to Follow You
  • Lesson 4: 2 Strategies for Developing Your Industtry Expertise on Instagram

Module 2: Branding & Content Creation

Instagram is a VISUAL marketing platform. In this module you will learn how to hone your personal look and feel (even if you’re not creative), while bringing value to your customers every day… with little stress and headache!

  • Lesson 1: Methods for Creating a Visual Strategy that Captivates Your Customer
  • Lesson 2: Post Formatting Tricks, Tips & Tools
  • Lesson 3: The Formula for Creating a Content Plan that Wows Your Fans, Day In & Day Out
  • Lesson 4: Establishing a Workflow & Systematizing Your Process
  • Lesson 5: Inspiring Fans to Act: The 2 Types of Calls to Action Every Post Needs

Module 3: Amplify & Grow Your Followers

Great accounts live and die by hashtag on Instagram! In this module, you will learn how to maximize the number of eyeballs on each and every post by identifying your best hashtags and other trending events on Instagram.

  • Lesson 1: A Game Plan for Developing Your Individual Hashtag Strategy
  • Lesson 2: The Step-By-Step Procedure for Finding the Best Hashtags to Grow Your Account
  • Lesson 3: Identifying Trends and Places (Geo Tags) to Draw In More Fans
  • Lesson 4: The Art of Cross-Promotion: Maximizing the Reach of Each Post

Module 4: Engage & Relate

This module is your blueprint to deepening relationships and turning sheer “numbers” into loyal supporters and paying customers.

  • Lesson 1: Optimizing Your Posts with Actionable Account Stats
  • Lesson 2: 8 Ways to Inspire Explosive Engagement (Likes, Comments & Tags)
  • Lesson 3: How to Leverage the Power of Your Community for Growth
  • Lesson 4: Using Instagram Stories & Live for More Traffic, Leads, & Sales
  • Lesson 5: The Ultimate Instagram Contest Guide: Best Practices and Planning Checklist


Ultimate Visual Marketing & Instagram Branding Guide

Instagram is all about the visual! You don’t have to be perfect, but you should always be seeking to improve your visual marketing skills. Use these resources to hone your branding and amp up your photography abilities.

Instagram Growth Tracker

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Track what’s important for your Instagram marketing with this handy download.

Complete Contest Planner

Running an Instagram contest or giveaway doesn’t have to be stressful! Use this week-by-week countdown planner, simple fill-in-the-blank decision making sheet, and the post checklist to ensure you don’t leave out any details!

Instagram Stories & Live Prompts

Knowing what to say and how to say it can be intimidating. Let me share over 30 ideas and prompts with you, so you can use Instagram Stories and Live to their full potential.

What Past Students are Saying

Molly helped me change my whole outlook on Instagram. I followed her advice, and in less than a month I had 1,500+ new engaged followers, and it hasn’t slowed down.

Before I found Molly, I was trying hard to figure Instagram out on my own, struggling with finding what to post and how to use hashtags. After a few months, I had about 300 followers and only a few were truly engaged with my posts.

I now know more about hashtags, creating a brand, ways to get discovered by more of my audience… and the list goes on.

- Makenzie Alvarez (@hanksandneedles)

Since working with Molly, I’ve learned to collaborate with other accounts, and be more strategic with what and when to post.

When I started my business, one of my main struggles with Instagram was getting followers and likes. I also wasn’t sure how to target my audience and my posts. I’ve been able to create systems to verify when my followers are engaging, and to keep more of my followers. Followers that actually enjoy my products and my profile!

- Elsie C. @shilohzboutique

I noticed an immediate jump in followers, likes and comments from the moment I began implementing Molly’s advice. slowed down.

She helped me focus on the right hashtags, which I believe have made all the difference. Since I’ve been using them, my posts have gone from getting a handful of likes, to an average of 50+. Some have even gotten over 100 likes, which was unheard of for my humble, little account. I also jumped from 300 followers to 470, and am pushing to reach my first milestone of 500!

Bottom line, she knows her stuff! If you can get her to look at your account and offer tips, you will be headed in the right direction.

- Kenlynn F. @fit_motivated_mamaof2

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Get immediate access to everything you need to know to explode your Instagram and start building your business today.

Who is this for?

Amp Up Your InstaGame can help all kinds of businesses find Instagram success, like:

Small Business Owners

You don’t have tons of time to try different tactics to see what works. You need success right out of the gate.

You’ve used Instagram in the past, but you just aren’t sure how to flip the switch on your casual fans to turn them in to loyal customers.

Direct Sales/MLM

You need to stand out from the countless other reps from your company that are using social media to sell the exact same products.

ou want to create real, deep connections with like-minded people that share your passions… creating repeat customers for life!

Marketing Managers

You know that Instagram is different from the other social media platforms you are managing, and you just want to know what the “secret sauce” to success is.

You need the quick and dirty what to post, when to post, and how often, so you can seamlessly integrate Instagram into your existing social media strategy.

Physical Product or Service-Based Businesses

Instagram works for all kinds of industries: local businesses, boutiques, creatives, consultants, coaches, photographers, restaurants, bloggers, e-commerce… and more!

Who is this not for?

People not willing to put 2-4 hours of effort in to their Instagram marketing each week. People that are not interested in genuine 2-way conversations with their customers. People looking for shortcuts, instant results, or get-rich-quick schemes.

Hey, I’m Molly!

After a successful corporate career in marketing, I turned to working with small business owners and online entrepreneurs, teaching them how to systematically and simply grow an online presence that they can make money from.

Through my award-winning blog, weekly live show, and online courses, I’m known for my approachable, “let me show you how” advice that proves growing a small business through digital marketing is simple… all while never pretending that it’s easy.

You’ve Seen Me On:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don’t have time to take the program and implement the strategies?

What you really don’t have time for is figuring it out on your own. Learning what works and what doesn’t could take months. I have been personally testing and refining the strategies in this program for over a year. Amp Up Your InstaGame will shorten your learning curve from one year to just a few weeks. In the next 30 days you can have a well-oiled, customer-finding machine by way of your new Instagram strategy. The tactics are broken down simply for you, lesson by lesson, module by module. No stress. No confusion… just a clear cut list of action items! How much is your time worth?

What if I’m not creative or a good photographer?

Instagram is a visual marketing platform, and the way things look is important… however, you may be surprised by how much people respond to what is “real” on Instagram, instead of the perfectly styled. People are looking to connect with other people. Progress is rewarded over perfection. With a willing spirit, and armed with the simple tips I provide in this program, you can improve your graphics, photography, and styling. But by then it won’t really matter, because your fans will already be loving your for YOU and the value you bring, not just your pretty pictures.

What if I don’t like to part with my hard-earned cash?

I hear you. I’ve been a bootstrapping business owner too. I’m stingy, and I like to do what I can to keep my costs down. However, I’ve also learned the value in getting to where I want to be in less time. Spending a little up front for some shortcuts can reap huge rewards. Again, what is your time worth? With just a few sales, you can repay your investment with the results you get from this program.

MY business is different… so I’m not sure this will work for me...?

I have yet to find a business that couldn’t be successful on Instagram. This program will take the guesswork out of marketing on Instagram with proven strategies that have worked for bloggers, handmade businesses, restaurants, home-based businesses, photographers, corporate marketers, and more. The strategies don’t change regardless of what TYPE of business you are. I’m so confident that this will work for you, I also offer an unconditional, 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee (scroll down for more.)

I’m afraid the tactics will be too hard for me… can I really do this?

I’ll answer your question with a question. Can you watch or listen to videos? Can you answer questions on a worksheet? Can you follow directions and check things off a list? Then I promise this isn’t beyond you. As I said, the guesswork has been taken out of Instagram with this program. I’m (figuratively!) showing you what’s up my skirt (it’s a well-known idiom.) In many lessons, I even go so far as to tell where people get hung up, and what the common mistakes are, so YOU can avoid them and be successful.

Get Instant Access

Get immediate access to everything you need to know to explode your Instagram and start building your business today.

My Guarantee: I know you have so many ways you can invest the money you earn in your business. But here is the deal: time really is money, and we need to get results, fast, without much hassle. I believe in the strategies I’ve outlined in Amp Up Your InstaGame so wholeheartedly, I am offering an unconditional, 14-day money back guarantee.

Order my Instagram marketing program, watch all 18 videos and read through the bonus materials. If you aren’t blown away by the results of the Instagram marketing strategy you put together with your new knowledge, email me within 14 days of your purchase, and I will gladly refund 100% of your money, no questions asked!

Do Some Good, Too.

$10 from every Amp Up Your InstaGame course sold is donated to Together We Rise, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of foster children in America.

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