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Do you find yourself starting and stopping a lot on Stories? Since Stories require a steady stream of content, it can be easy to get knocked off balance in the ebbs and flows of life. To help you stay on track, I’ve compiled 40 Instagram Story Prompts to keep your creative juices flowing.

Importance of Instagram Stories

Considering that 62% of people report becoming more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in an Instagram Story, and use of Stories is growing 15x that of the main feed, the need for strategic use of Instagram Stories has never been more obvious.

Save this list for later, share it and refer to it often!

Instagram Story Prompts

  1. Share a goal you are working on in your business
  2. Share a goal that you have recently accomplished
  3. Talk about how you reset or refocus on a bad day or a dry creative stretch
  4. Share some things you are grateful for
  5. Share tools of your trade. These can be physical tools, for people the create physical products, or digital tools that service providers use.
  6. What is something you wish you would have known when you started your business?
  7. A hobby that you enjoy in your free time.
  8. Your weekend plans
  9. What you are watching on Netflix right now… or ask for recommendations.
  10. What song gets you fired up and ready to take on the world?
  11. What is a skill you are working on or would like to develop?
  12. What is a habit you are trying to create for yourself?
  13. Ask a question to learn about your audience.
  14. A confession – think outside the box! It could be serious, or silly.
  15. Your biggest disappointment in your business
  16. A big lesson you have learned.
  17. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you as a business owner?
  18. What is one thing you wish you could do over?
  19. Promote your freebie or lead magnet
  20. Where do you work? Share your workspace.
  21. Share a day in your life. Take people along!
  22. Share an opinion about a current event.
  23. What is on your to do list this week?
  24. Share pet or kid antics!
  25. Use the poll or question sticker.
  26. Share a “recipe.” It doesn’t have to be food! Think a recipe for success, a recipe for results, a recipe for disaster…
  27. Promote your product or service.
  28. 3 random, useless or fun facts about you.
  29. Share someone else’s post that inspired you.
  30. Share your progress on something
  31. A mini tutorial – teach us how to do something!
  32. What does your morning routine look like?
  33. Give a shout out to another business.
  34. Share any trends you are noticing.
  35. Go live!
  36. Do a short quiz using the Quiz sticker.
  37. Show behind the scenes or part of your process
  38. What book are you reading right now? Or what books do you recommend on a specific topic?
  39. Promote a blog post, podcast or video.
  40. What is something that made you laugh?
A list of forty Instagram Story Prompt Ideas

What other Instagram Story prompts could you add to this list?

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Get your FREE Instagram Strategy Guide

Learn what's working now to build your brand, authority, and credibility on Instagram in 2022.

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