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What if you could get a 30% bump in reach on Instagram? I DID

Spoiler alert: If you read the title of this blog post you already know that it is from switching my Instagram scheduling tool to Tailwind.

Many marketers and business owners are noticing lower-than-they-would-like engagement and growth on Instagram. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take all the help I can get to increase Instagram reach.

I’ve tested zillions (ok, it just FEELS like zillions) of Instagram schedulers, and there is one that is a cut above the rest.

When you hear “Tailwind,” you might think of Pinterest, because yes, Tailwind IS an industry-leading Pinterest scheduling tool. But if you are ONLY using it for Pinterest, you’re missing out. Tailwind also has an AWESOME Instagram tool as well.

Let me tell you how it helps you increase your reach.

Oh, wait… I’ve got one more housekeeping detail here: affiliate disclosure. I’ve been using Tailwind for a while, and I love it… and by sharing it with you, I get a kickback from Tailwind when you sign up and pay for the service. Just so you know. But if you’ve known me for a while, you know I don’t pitch products right and left. In fact I only promote TWO tools that I actually use and love in my own business, Tailwind, and my email marketing tool.

Back to how Tailwind helps you optimize your Instagram reach…

Ideal Posting Schedule

First, it provides you with a personalized, recommended posting schedule. You may have spent a lot of time trying to find when your optimal posting time is on Instagram.

Once you connect your account to Tailwind, you tell them how often you want to post per day. I recommend once a day for most people. Tailwind will analyze data from your account to decide when it’s best for you to post.

Recommended posting time on Instagram

I was mostly posting pretty late in the evening, Pacific Time, and I was surprised to see a few morning and mid-day time slots in my recommended schedule. But you know what? Those are some of my best performing posts now.

You can override the schedule if you want, and set it yourself, but why not give it a try? I like trusting the data.

Instagram Hashtag Help

Second, Tailwind provides you with some serious hashtag help.

So, we know that hashtags are absolutely necessary to your Instagram success. I have a whole mini-course called Hashtag Camp, that is dedicated to teaching you to find the best hashtags for your account and your posts. However, it can still be difficult to tell which hashtags are working the hardest for you and which ones are just taking up space.

This is where Tailwind comes in.

To start, you need to have at least a few hashtags to “seed” Tailwind with, that you know are well-targeted for your account.

As you are creating your posts in Tailwind, Tailwind will actually suggest various hashtags for you, based off of the hashtags you have provided. They are color-coded to tell you which hashtags are the best quality. There are four categories: niche, good, best, and competitive.

Tailwind categorizes hashtags for you.

I think “good” and “best” are pretty self-explanatory, but let’s dig in to the other two real quick: niche and competitive.

Niche is a hashtag that is specific to just that, a niche. It most likely has a highly-targeted following and is specific to an industry.

Hashtags that are labeled as “competitive” are your super-high volume hashtags. They move fast and they are pretty general.

To really capitalize on the power of the suggested hashtags feature, I stick mostly with “Best” hashtags.

As you click on the hashtags to add them to your posts, Tailwind continues to suggest more, and can even give you some ideas that you haven’t thought about before.

It’s refreshing to have another layer of data to work with when selecting hashtags.

As you find more and more hashtags that work well for you, you can even save them as lists to easily access and use again later. For instance, you might have different lists of hashtags you use for product shots, blog posts, announcements or lifestyle shots.

Other Features of Tailwind for Instagram

Tailwind has a few other great features that aren’t directly related to improving your engagement and reach on Instagram, but they are worth mentioning.

Like other schedulers, you can upload several photos to store and use later in future posts. This is helpful for “grid planning.” As you plan out and schedule your posts, you can choose to see them in a scheduled calendar view, just like a list, or you can switch to a grid preview to see how your images will look together once they’ve been posted.

Schedule view of Instagram posts in Tailwind

If you aren’t happy with what you see, you can simply drag and drop until you get a pattern that you like.

Switch to grid view to help with Instagram grid planning.

I also love how hashtags are suggested for your images as soon as you upload them. It just gives you that much of a jumpstart on your Instagram scheduling.

Try Tailwind for Instagram for Free

So here’s the exciting deal here: you can try this out for yourself for free. Get a 30-day, no risk free trial of Tailwind for Instagram by going to

It’s an affiliate link, so if you want to keep it after your free trial, I will get a percentage of the sale from Tailwind.

I hope you give it a shot, and if you do, PLEASE share your results with us!

Increase Instagram Reach by 30% with Tailwind

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Learn what's working now to build your brand, authority, and credibility on Instagram in 2022.

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