How to Post a GIF to Instagram

Animated GIFs have been around for-ev-er, but their ability to communicate your point with universal humor has intensified and renewed their popularity in recent months. From the library of hilarious animated memes every iPhone user can text from their phone, to the ability to comment in GIF form on Facebook, they are everywhere!

I personally wish to only post, comment and text in animated GIF from this point forward. If you are like me in your love of all things GIF, you may have already tried to post a GIF to Instagram… only to find that you can’t directly do so.

For shame! But true, the GIF format is not supported on the Instagram platform. However, there are some ways around this and I’ll share three of them with you here.

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Read now or pin for later. How to convert GIF files to a format you can share on Instagram.

Find a GIF in mp4

The first way to post GIF to Instagram is to actually find a video version of it in the first place! I love to look for GIFs on They have thousands to choose from in all kinds of categories. Once you’ve found something you love, you actually have the option to download it in video format! And a video is something you can upload and post to Instagram.

Note: Videos must be at least three seconds long to be able to upload them to Instagram. Some GIFs are extremely short, like one or two seconds. When searching for GIFs, keep this “3 second rule” in mind.

Download GIFs in video format from

Convert a GIF to Video

If you have a GIF already made and you need to turn it in to a video, you can use this free site called CloudConvert to convert GIF to mp4. Simply upload the gif you want to post to Instagram, and select mp4 as your output. Again, remember that the final result needs to be at least three seconds long.

Convert GIF to mp4 with CloudConvert

Create a GIF-esque Slideshow

Maybe you want something super branded and something stock from won’t work. Or maybe you don’t have a pre-existing GIF to convert to a video file. A third option is to do like a “stop-motion” type thing by stringing some images together in an animated slide show. Here is a great example from my friend Emma at Flhair Accessories.

Once you have your series of photos taken, you can use an app like Flipagram to string them together at whatever speed you would like, and download as a video file.

So there you have it, three totally viable options to post your favorite GIFs to Instagram. Let the hilarity ensue!





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