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I think we’ve all known the struggle it can be to manage Instagram comments without losing track of an important comment thread on an older post.

Have you ever glanced at your (hundreds of) Instagram notifications to see a comment on a much older post, only to lose it and not be able to find it again? ARGH. I think we’ve all been there.

In my opinion, comment management has traditionally been one of the great shortcomings of Instagram. It’s easy to lose comments on older posts. There really aren’t that many affordable tools that help you keep track of and respond to those comments either… UNTIL NOW!

Learn how to manage your Instagram comments efficiently. Read now or pin for later.

Importance of Managing Instagram Comments

I know you are savvy and I probably don’t need to lecture you on why it’s so important to respond to all of your Instagram comments.
But, the short of it is, the fastest way to run your Instagram engagement into the ground is to NOT engage. You absolutely should be responding to all comments and direct messages on Instagram.

The fastest way to ruin your #Instagram engagement is to NOT respond to all comments. Click To Tweet

Today’s consumers expect social media to be a two-way street. From tweeting their complaints on Twitter in hopes of receiving speedy help, to leaving order questions on random Facebook posts, social media has made businesses extremely accessible to the average consumer. And the consumer expects a response.

Tools for Managing Instagram Comments

Luckily, this is all so much easier now due to Facebook’s new integrated social inbox.

In November, Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) started rolling out an integrated inbox that combines your Facebook page messages, page notifications and Instagram account comments in ONE PLACE.

You can access this new inbox either ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE (Desktop) or via the FACEBOOK PAGES MANAGER app for iPhone/Android.

Manage Instagram Comments from the Facebook Pages App

First, you should connect your business Facebook page and your business Instagram account so they are linked.

From your DESKTOP computer:

  1. Go to your Facebook Page
  2. Click on Settings in upper right
  3. Click on Instagram in left menu
  4. Log in to Instagram to get it connected

Connect your business Instagram to your Facebook page.

If you don’t already have it, you should DOWNLOAD the Facebook Pages Manager app. It’s available for iPhone and Android devices.

  1. You’ll see in the graphic below that you have three tabs: one for Messenger, one for Facebook page notifications (like comments on posts), and one for Instagram comments.
  2. If you click on “Inbox” you’ve actually got sub-folders, just like an email inbox. You have folders for unread items, items you’ve marked for follow up, items you’ve marked as done or resolved, and a place for spam.
  3. You can swipe left to mark an item as unread, or move it to your follow up folder.
  4. This is the view when you click on an item. You can respond to all comments, then click the check mark in the upper right corner. This moves it to your “Done” folder. The extra-cool feature is that the next time someone comments on that post, it shows back up in your inbox, no matter how old the post is.

Manage Instagram comments from your universal Facebook pages inbox.

Manage Instagram Comments from Your Facebook Page (Desktop)

I manage my Facebook page through Facebook’s Business Manager and I have this universal inbox on desktop. However, I manage several Facebook pages and none of the other pages have the universal inbox on desktop yet. I believe it is in the process of being rolled out universally.

Alternatively, you can go to this URL to check. Replace “pageslug” with YOUR page name that you use in your shortened Facebook URL.

Did you know about this feature? Will you use it to manage your Instagram comments now?




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Learn what's working now to build your brand, authority, and credibility on Instagram in 2022.

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