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Instagram Stories are here to stay, and they can add a juicy, extra layer to your Instagram marketing strategy. Click to read now or pin for later.

Instagram Stories are here, and some people are already predicting the demise of Snapchat. While I don’t agree, I’ll admit that I haven’t really gotten into Snapchat. Mostly because it is yet another app that I must open and create content for, which feels like a hassle. #keepingitreal here. Just because I am a social media professional doesn’t mean I always run out and embrace every new platform or technology. However, I AM loving Instagram stories and am slowly finding my legs.

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Here are the basics of Instagram Stories, so you can start creating your own!

A Summary of Instagram Stories

Instagram StoriesInstagram Stories allow you to share photos and video that live for a mere 24 hours. It is content that expires, unlike the images and video you share in your regular Instagram feed. You can access a user’s Stories by either:

  1. Navigating to their bio, and clicking on their profile picture (a rainbow edge appears around the photo if they have a new Story to share like Ahryn’s does here).
  2. Side scrolling through the top bar that appears on your main Instagram feed, and clicking on the photo of the person whose Story you want to view.

How to Create a Story

Instagram Stories

From your home feed, click the plus sign in the very upper left-hand corner to launch the Story wizard.

To take a photo, tap the round button. To create a video, hold the round button. It starts filming immediately.

To access your camera roll, drag your finger down the screen. Camera roll images (taken in the last 24 hours) will appear for you to select.

Once you’ve captured your picture, you can swipe right or left to access filters.

Instagram Stories

Top buttons appear at the top for you to draw/write or add text (including emoji). When you are done typing, you can drag it around the screen to where you want it, and pinch to make smaller or expand to make larger. HINT: On the Drawing tool (second picture from left), that little icon on the bottom left is where you can adjust the thickness of your pen.

If you would like, you can click the download button to save what you’ve just created to your camera roll before you add this to your story.

Click the white circle with the check mark to add it to your story.

Oh Crap!“Oh, crap! I didn’t mean to just save that to my story!”

No worries! Go to your story (by clicking your profile picture in your bio) and get to whatever incriminating photo you want to remove. Click the three dots in the lower right-hand corner to bring up a menu of options: delete, save photo, share as post, or adjust your story settings.

Delete: Does this need explaining? This deletes the photo from your story.

Save Photo: You can save your image to your camera roll if you forgot to before.

Share as Post: This takes that photo or video in your story and walks you through the regular Instagram post wizard so you can post it as a standard Instagram post.

Story Settings: Here you can hide a particular picture from one or more people, and control who can message you from your story (Everyone, People You Follow, Off). At this time, I would not advise turning off messaging capabilities completely. I’ve noticed some spam, but, such is life. Social media is not spam free!

Navigating the Story Feed

Navigating Instagram StoriesAll of the stories of everyone who you follow are in one place here in the top bar of your main Instagram feed. You can scroll to the right to see what other stories are there.

Once you are actually in a story, swipe left or right to move between PEOPLE.

TAP the screen to move to the next piece of that user’s story. If a picture is a user’s last installment, tapping will also move you to the next user’s story in the feed.

“Oops, I missed that!” If you didn’t get to spend as much time on a user’s photo as you would like, simply tap their profile picture to start that picture/video over again. If you keep tapping their photo, you’ll keep backing up to their previous photo. You can also, press and HOLD to pause on an image. When you let go, the Story will start running again.

If you’ve had enough, swipe DOWN to return to your regular Instagram feed.

Have you created any Instagram Stories yet? What do you think?







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Learn what's working now to build your brand, authority, and credibility on Instagram in 2022.

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