We're a team of professional strategists, creatives and consultants who love to elevate our clients' visibility, sales and reputation in the digital world. Rather than relying on old-fashioned outbound marketing, we measure success by how well we create solutions based on what motivates our clients' customers. We take full advantage of the Internet and work from our own locations. Put another way, we aren't roller-skating around in a sweet SoHo loft or a renovated warehouse in San Francisco on our breaks, so we don't have to pass that overhead on to you. (BTW, we have nothing against roller-skating.)

We are pleased to introduce our team:

Molly Marshall, Digital Strategist

Molly has 11+ years of digital marketing experience. Before becoming a social media consultant for small- and medium-sized businesses, she was responsible for creating and implementing the digital strategy for a global durable goods manufacturer for over a decade. She particularly enjoys solving real business problems by creating valuable online content and crafting social media strategies that get results. She is a data-driven, results-oriented, forever-student of marketing.

Kelly Cosgrove, Account Manager

An ‘accidental’ business major, Kelly fell in love with the creative side of business and earned her degree in Marketing and Advertising. During her time as a student, she discovered her enthusiasm for marketing strategy, graphic design, and all things social media. She has helped to manage diverse marketing campaigns and specializes in creating branded graphics, optimizing content strategy, and cultivating communities.

When she’s not working on social media for her job, she’s refining her techniques on her passion project, @kellysprettyplanner (Instagram).

Chuck Moran, Web Designer

Chuck has over four decades of experience in the marketing and creative fields. (He'd have grey hair if he had any hair.) He has been designing and building websites since the mid-nineties and specializes in WordPress sites these days. Chuck's largest project was redeveloping a 5,000-page website for the University of Virginia and he loves to work with small- and medium-sized businesses. A UVA grad, Chuck is proud to call Charlottesville, VA home.

Jill Pond, Copywriter

A creative to the core, Jill discovered her love of writing through persistent endeavors to avoid math at all costs. She got her start in a flowered journal and quickly moved from hearts and flowers to sales copy, corporate writing, and content creation for online entrepreneurs.

With moxie and class, Jill’s copy helps people sell their products and services, educate their client base, and present themselves from the very best angle. She helps entrepreneurs add dimension to their vision with -esque copy that converts.