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How to Get Your Post in the Instagram Top Posts Area

Instagram Top Posts have existed for a good year now but I have yet to write about them. However, getting my content trending in the top posts area is one of the most important aspects of my Instagram marketing strategy. First, I should caveat that if you go all laser-focused/obsessed about creating content that will […]

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How To Use Instagram Live for More Website Traffic, Leads and Sales

About Instagram Live Instagram Live is the new ability to stream, in real time, from the Instagram app. Live streaming has gained in popularity over the last 18-24 months, initiated by the launch of Meerkat (remember them?!) back in February of 2015. A few weeks later, I was sitting at the opening keynote of Social […]

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23 Essential Instagram Tips for Accelerated Growth & Engagement

Why Instagram? You have a lot of options for social media, and if you aren’t already active on Instagram, it might feel like One. More. Thing… but Instagram is the best place for businesses to be. Because of the simplicity of Instagram (photos only!), the content is strong and not diluted by a million rabbit […]

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