How to Schedule Your Instagram Posts with HootSuite

Read now or pin for later! A step by step tutorial for using HootSuite to schedule your Instagram posts!

Between managing the demands of a dozen clients and trying to build my own blog, my sanity is always teetering on the edge. Which is why I like to keep things dead simple. There are many great tools out there for scheduling Instagram photos, but I love HootSuite because it is free if you have three or fewer social media profiles connected to it. This is perfect for most small business folks.

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Scheduled, But Not Really

You are probably used to scheduling your Facebook posts or Tweets and then walking away, forgetting what time you even scheduled them for. It’s not quite the same for Instagram! Instagram’s Terms & Conditions don’t allow for a “set and forget” type of scheduling. Instead of the post automatically being posted to the platform, you actually have to walk through the posting wizard at the posting time.

So, in essence, you upload your caption, hashtags, and image to HootSuite, and tell it what time you want to post to Instagram. At that predetermined time, you will get an alert on your phone that it’s time to put your post up. You open the HootSuite app, and it walks you through posting your content to Instagram. You still have to touch it, but at least you aren’t dealing with the mess of emailing photos and captions, saving them on your phone, and remembering to post at the proper time!


How to Schedule Instagram Posts with HootSuite

First, you may need to add your Instagram account to your HootSuite dashboard. From your HootSuite profile, click on the blue “Add a Social Network” button:

Add your Instagram account to your HootSuite dashboard

Then, pick Instagram from your options.

Pick Instagram from the HootSuite menu

When the Instagram log-in dialogue box comes up, continue logging in to Instagram.

Log in to the Instagram screen

Now you are ready! From the top of the Streams dashboard, you can select your Instagram profile from the drop down, add in your caption, and hashtags if appropriate.

Scheduling Instagram posts with HootSuite. Step 1 is adding your caption

Then, you can add your image by clicking on the paperclip icon.

Attach your Instagram photo to schedule with HootSuite

Now you are ready to schedule! Click the calendar icon to select your date and time.

Pick a date and time to post to Instagram from HootSuite.

There’s nothing left to do until the actual moment the post should go up. At which time you will get a notification on your phone that looks like this:

HootSuite will send a notification to your phone when it's time to post.

When you open up the HootSuite app, you can access your posts via the notification bell in the top right corner. Then you simply click on the image that you want to post, and click “Open in Instagram.”

Access your Instagram posts from inside the HootSuite appHootSuite will kindly ask you if you are logged into the appropriate account on Instagram. (How nice!). If you say, “yes!” then Instagram will open up into the posting wizard for you to complete posting.

Walk through the Instagram posting wizard.

You may not realize it, but your caption is on your phone’s “clipboard” so you simply need to paste it into the caption box.

You may not realize it, but your caption is on your phone's "clipboard" so you simply need to paste it into the caption box.

And there you have it! A step-by-step tutorial for posting your Instagram content with HootSuite.

Are you already scheduling your Instagram posts? If not, does this inspire you to do so?

Read now or pin for later! A step by step tutorial for using HootSuite to schedule your Instagram posts!





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